We offer professional home-from-home childcare and early education, looking after small groups of children of different ages and from different families.

We are perfectly placed to support the early learning and development for children of all ages, working closely with parents to provide bespoke childcare.

When we are working with small children, no two days will be the same.

We are also running small businesses, so each setting will be different, however, our typical day is likely to include:

creative play, reading, mark-making, and storytelling with little ones, supporting early language development, and helping children develop their creativity and imagination.

Cooking with and for the children, providing valuable real-life learning experiences and healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.

Taking children to and from nursery, school or their other activities and clubs, working with other childcare professionals and parents to provide a coordinated approach to supporting each individual child

observing children’s progress, working with parents to support their child’s ongoing learning and development.