Our Provision and Next Steps

At Little Stars, we are always looking at new ways to better develop our setting and our services that we provide to help better support each Little Stars individual needs. Below is what we already offer and how we are taking our next steps to meet the Little Stars needs.

Also, take a peek at our Brand New Curriculum!


This year, 2021-2022, we are introducing a brand-new curriculum to support all children’s developmental needs. With a clear plan ahead of us this year, we strive to provide an inclusive and equal opportunity for all with our curriculum. This year we are focusing on the three prime learning goals:

The Curriculum has been set out by school terms. This means we can better regulate the learning and development, while focusing on a set topic. The topics we have picked for this year are to help understand the world around them and to develop communication and language.

If you require anymore information about the Curriculum, please contact us either through email or via our phone number, or have a chat with us when picking up your Little Star.